Embrace radiant, luxurious skin

Harnessing the power of nature

Skin care is self-care. That's why we've created a luxury skin care line that combines the finest natural ingredients. Our products are formulated with rare and potent botanicals, sourced from the most remote regions of the world, and crafted to deliver noticeable, transformative results.


    In empowering and inspiring women: Our effective products help women feel beautiful and confident at any age, celebrating the unique beauty of every woman.

    In ancestral ingredients and futuristic formulas: Drawing from the Baobab tree's healing power, we create revolutionary skincare for noticeable results.

    Natural is always best: Mindfully sourced, all-natural ingredients carefully formulated to nourish mature skin, promoting inner and outer wellness.

    In mindful creation: Every formula is crafted in our private lab, ensuring a truly luxurious skin care experience with the highest potency and purity.


Naudia Lorraine Skincare is the result of a 15-year journey and an unwavering belief that nature provides the best and most powerful ingredients to take care of our skin.

When founder Naudia first trained as an esthetician back in 2008, it was to realize a long-held dream to help women find effective skincare solutions.

But life got in the way, and Naudia had to take a more conventional career path.

She never forgot what she had learned and spent her spare time creating natural skincare formulas and helping the women in her life manage their skin. She even went back to school to become an organic skincare formulator.

As Naudia’s skin matured, she couldn’t find anything to help with dryness and hyperpigmentation. Even the most luxurious products had little effect. It was something the other women in her life were saying too.

So Naudia got to work. She began formulating her own serums and oils, using the most potent natural ingredients from around the world. She drew on her Jamaican heritage, inspired by the way her elders had always relied on nature for solutions. And she knew with the right blend of botanicals and ingredients, she could make a difference.

Her products tackled hyperpigmentation, dullness, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and dryness.

Soon her friends were commenting on her glow. Word got out and others came requesting the products. And so, Naudia Lorraine Skincare was born, formulating natural ingredients to nurture skin, mind, and soul.

Today, Naudia sources unique ingredients from the most biodiverse places on the planet, and manufactures in small batches in her private laboratory. No mass-production and third-party labs here.

It’s taken 15 years and a lifetime of experience, but Naudia Lorraine Skincare is ready to change the way we think about skincare.

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